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Running for Back on My Feet

Running for Back on My Feet

This past weekend, Rex ran the Big Sur Marathon (his fifth marathon!) for Back on My Feet, an incredible organization that combats homelessness through running and community support. 

Back on My Feet was started over a decade ago by a woman named Anne Mahlum. On her morning runs, Anne would often pass by homeless shelters. One morning, she brought running sneakers to the shelter and asked if any of the residents wanted to join her for a run. Over the ensuing weeks, more and more of the shelter’s members joined her on her morning runs. Those morning runs have since grown into Back on My Feet, which brings homeless individuals together three times a week at 5:30am for a run, and connects them to employment and housing opportunities. BoMF has since spread to 12 cities and helped more than 6,000 members—placing over 2,500 in jobs and around 2,000 more in permanent housing.

Back on My Feet only launched in San Francisco last year, but has already helped 137 people experiencing homelessness, including placing 28 in new jobs and 15 in affordable housing. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to Rex's race! Together, we were able to raise over $7,000 for Back on My Feet; this will help the organization impact many more lives. 

If you're interested in getting involved, please consider attending a morning run. Here in San Francisco we have groups meeting in the Tenderloin and in SoMa every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We know it's early, but it's a moving and powerful way to make a difference; please message us for further details! 

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